Welcome to my site. This is a place where I can share my (right) opinions. I don't care about your feelings; suck it up.


1. I don't care about transphobia. This leads me to point 2.
2. I won't respect your pronouns, if you're a trans woman, you're a man. Vice versa. Trans "women" are often porn-addicted misogynists who think calling themselves a lesbian makes them more of a woman (RIP lesbian subreddits, you've been taken over by men...)
3. I hope anyone who gets "gender-affirming surgery" gets an infection and dies of sepsis.
4. We (adult human females) should murder all men brutally, that includes your BF who's "one of the good ones".
5. You don't have DID, autism, or BPD- you're just a chronically online loser. (Except those who do have it, and aren't an insufferable retard)
6. 12 year olds should not be on this site: looking at you Chipsfunfun, delete your site without your "I'm sorry." it's irritating!
7. JK Rowling did nothing wrong.
8. I love terfs! If you're a terf, marry me.
9. Dokodemo (one for the Neocities crowd) is a female:

10. All transgender people need to 41%, turn that statistic into a 100%.